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Insert Game Here is a collective of game development events where participants build games from scratch around a secret theme. At the end of dev time, everyone presents, plays, and votes on superlative awards. Individuals 19+ and teams are welcome!

Our format is geared around team building and expanding the community of developers in the Omaha area. Friday is dedicated to helping everyone meet each other, wrap their heads around the quirks of a game jam, and  prepare for a weekend development environment. Saturday before development begins we announce the theme bright and early, and teams start their project from absolute zero. On the final Sunday, teams are given time to polish their game before the space is open to the public for playtime and voting.

Covid-19 pushed us online-only through the end of 2021, but opened up a space of accessibility we hope to hold on to for all future events. Where we were once a 48hr cycle, all our jams will now announce the theme at least one week early. Even when we return to in-person events, the whole game jam will be accessible remotely for all participants.

We do our best to run an IGH event every Summer, Fall, and Spring, with Global Game Jam rounding out the Winter and opening the next year's cycle.

Insert Game [Here] started in 2017 to bring area indie developers together and out of the sun in the summer. Now that we work alongside UNO's Criss Library Creative Production Lab, we're the go-to game jam for student and hobbyist game creators that want to kick off the summer with a weekend challenge. IG[H] tends to bring out the local pros and lends itself towards digital action.

Spoopy Jam mixes things up a bit by announcing the secret theme one week in advance, and having teams start early. Friday evening everyone has the opportunity to pitch their project to see if anyone wants to join in and help polish off the game for Sunday presentations. The Halloween chill somehow manages to bring out a leaning towards boardgames and horror experiences.

Ostara: Games for Spring introduced a Spring jam to the mix, and originally offered up a way to test out everyone's remote working capacity given the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. Now, Ostara has moved towards a focus dedicated to new experiences, experimental dev, and a focus on art as play.


We welcome first time game developers! Our organizers are here to help, but Insert Game Here is not a class or workshop. Even though we may have some craft supplies on hand, you should bring anything you need to make your video or physical game. If video games aren't your thing or access to hardware is an issue, you're encouraged to test the waters by making a board game!

Interested in Participating?

Insert Game Here is open to everyone in the community 19 and older. Friends and family under 19 are welcome for the playthrough portion of the event on the final Sunday. All skill levels and experience are welcome, and we are always looking for more artists, writers, musicians, programmers, crafters, and gamers to join the community.

Insert Game Here is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. Explicitly sexual language and imagery will not be considered appropriate for this kind of public event. IGH participants and attendees violating these rules may be expelled from the event at the discretion of the organizers or our location sponsors. (Thanks to Games++, whose policy we modified to create this one.)

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