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Spoopy Jam 2: The Spoopening

Global Game Jam, Ostara: Games for Spring, and Insert Game [Here] have grown exponentially as access points to game development in the winter, spring, and summer, but what if you still have an itch in your skeleton to make something new this fall? The UNO Criss Library Creative Production Lab and RHO Interactive are serving another bowl of trick or treat goodies with a Halloween-flavored game jam event dedicated to easing new designers into the challenge of game design. As always, we are 100% FREE, and this year we are 100% ONLINE.

New to game dev or jams? During our jam events we announce a conceptual theme at the beginning of the event, and all participants have the same (short) amount of time to make a brand new game based on that theme in that time. Developers are free to make any kind of game or experience they want, and have ended up making everything from board and card games, text adventures, playground games, 2D and 3D video games, all the way up to unique virtual reality experiences.

Spoopy Jam is active during the semester break, giving everyone plenty of time to test the waters of design. With the move to an entirely online format, digital contact and the ability to upload your games for sharing are extra important. We've pushed the whole event to to allow developers from around the world to work remotely alongside local devs and students.

This time around the secret theme is announced at the October 8th OGDA meeting and everyone is given a full week of work time before the event is live via Discord and Zoom on October 16th through the 18th. On Friday the 16th, everyone is given an opportunity to pitch their idea or budding project online and assemble a team or find help for the weekend work crunch. This is the perfect format for new developers to get into the game jam format, or folks that just want a bit more time to polish their work. Signups are live on our page, and anyone interested in talking with other participants to form a new team or get tips can join our Discord server.

Participants are free to work or not work on their game for the entire time leading up to the weekend proper.

We welcome first time game developers! Designers, artists, musicians, programmers, voice actors, hobbyists, educators, anyone and everyone is welcome to try their hand at making a game. Participants should have anything needed to make your own video or physical game. If video games aren't your thing or access to hardware is an issue, you're encouraged to test the waters by making a board game! To help everyone have remote access to creative software, CPL staff have compiled a list of open-source options HERE.

Anyone can participate, as long as they are over the age of 18. More information and registration can be found at


Thursday October 8th

6:30pm – 8:30pm: Theme announced at the Omaha Game Developer’s Online Meetup, and via Discord

Friday October 16th

7pm - 9pm: Check-in and project pitch meeting via Zoom

Saturday October 17th

12am - 11pm: Spoopy Crunch Time.  Everyone is given the entire day and evening to work on their games alongside a fully active Discord. Chat. Check in. Eat candy.

Sunday October 18th

12am - 3pm: Final Development Time!

3pm – 5pm: Presentations of final projects via Zoom

7pm: Deadline for game submissions online

Join the Discord server:

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