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2019 Mutator Challenges

Our 2019 Mutator Challenges are live and ready! For developers that want to give themselves a bit of an extra challenge during the event, you can choose to hold yourself to the guidelines of the Mutator during development of your game.

"Deep ROASTed"

Include Roast Coffee as a power-up or core mechanic.

"Postmodern Solutions"

Use a 3-color palette. No black or white.


You can't actually win the game, only play forever or lose.

"A Passive Fist"

Absolutely no harm or violence.

"Por que no los dos?"

Make a video game AND board game that uses the other as part of the experience.

"Those Darn Kids"

No text. No vocals. Just emojis.

During team and game registration, you can select which Mutator(s) are part of your game, and you'll be given badges when your game goes live for public playthrough, both during the Sunday of IGH, and digitally when posted to the web arcade.

Thanks to Roast Coffee, if you choose to activate the "Deep ROASTed" Mutator, you'll be automatically entered for a drawing to win a hefty coffee-flavored gift basket courtesy of Roast Aksarben.

We'll see everyone next week for teambuilding and announcement of the theme!

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