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Spoopy Jam 2019 - Tricks & Treats

We're just a few days out from the first official IGH Spoopy Jam, and it's already been one silly ride. Halloween candy, snacks, and coffee are ordered and ready to greet jammers at the door. PKI is jumpin', and ready to host a whole new nightbreed of game-development. All the vital stats are right here:

Secret Theme: "Dem Bones" ...with an extra special announcement video whipped up by UNO's Creative Production Lab!

For folks wanting to get in on the conversation about what this theme might entrail, or even what kind of ideas others are digging up from the grave, join in on the discord conversation!

Some of the most fun we have in the lab for every IGH event is cooking up new Mutators. These are here to challenge all you ghouls for the weekend. Working on a short timeline within a Secret Theme under the light of a Halloween moon is already a heck of a fiendish task, but we've got six sickly options to tuck into.

Did we mention the Awards of Questionable Value? Well, we love seeing trick-or-treaters go away with a sackful of joy, and Spoopy Jam is no exception to that time-honored feedback loop. IGH is always non-competitive, and this time around the awards are nothing more than utterly ridiculous superlatives given out at the whims of site organizers, select guests, and even our favorite UNO Libraries staff and faculty.

As you can see from slide numero uno, THERE WILL MOST DEFINITELY BE A COSTUME CONTEST. Sunday the 20th, feel free to wear whatever fancy schmacy getup makes you feel empowered and happy to be part of the Halloween season. By fancy we totally mean "paper mask put together from pizza boxes and tape at the event". Being spoopy is all about accessibility, and the DIY spirit reigns supreme at a game jam.

We'll see you geekzillas this Friday on UNO's South Campus in the Peter Kiewit Institute room 158!

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